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Indulge in the best Italian cuisine in the Cayman Islands

Nestled in the heart of the Cayman Islands are several remarkable Italian restaurants that cater to diverse palates. Whether you seek a casual, family-friendly atmosphere or an upscale dining experience, the culinary scene here has something for everyone. With various eateries offering regional Italian dishes across the island, it’s easy to make a reservation wherever is local to you. From Georgetown to Seven Mile Beach, we have a restaurant in the ideal location for you. Prepare to embark on a tantalising journey through Italy with the best Italian restaurants the island has to offer. We’ll highlight some top picks for Italian food that will leave you craving more. We hope you’re hungry!

The Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta: Italian food you’re craving

Situated on the Crescent, facing the beautiful fountains in vibrant Camana Bay, The Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta is a steadfast favourite for pizza and pasta enthusiasts. Among their great offerings, the hearty seafood linguine stands out. This delectable dish combines al dente linguine pasta with a medley of flavoursome mussels, shrimp & salmon. All these ingredients are mixed together in a garlic white wine sauce. It’s the perfect combination. There aren’t many things better than a fresh, chewy, slightly crispy pizza margherita. However, if you’re feeling like something a bit different, why not try the shrimp scampi pizza or the sweet & salty orchard pizza with pear and prosciutto? If you’re more of a traditionalist, the spaghetti & meatballs is a comforting favourite. Enjoy your meal with an aperol spritz or glass of Italian wine for a fully immersive experience.

Bonfire Urban Kitchen: craft your own pizza adventure

Bonfire Urban Kitchen provides an interactive dining experience that allows you to become the architect of your own pizza masterpiece. Their unique concept lets you handpick from tantalising toppings, sauces, and cheeses to personalise your ideal wood-fired pizza. Enjoy classic toppings like pepperoni, sausage and peppers or think out of the box with innovative toppings like jerk chicken and shitake mushrooms. Get into the creative process and savour each bite of your custom creation. If you don’t feel like pizza, there are delicious salads and pastas on the menu as well as filling main courses like beautifully grilled fish.

Guy Harvey’s Boathouse Grill: seafood by the sea

Nestled against a picturesque waterfront backdrop, Guy Harvey’s Boathouse is a true gem for seafood enthusiasts. Take in the beautiful harbour as you savour delectable seafood dishes and drinks. As Seafood specialists, the Seafood Penne steals the show. Succulent shrimp, scallops, calamari, and mussels take centre stage, embraced by a rich and flavorful tomato cream sauce. With each forkful, you’ll be transported to the shores of the Mediterranean. Perhaps you’re in the mood for rice dishes instead. Another incredible dish is the Maine lobster risotto, which is served with roasted pumpkin, basil, cherry tomatoes & parmesan cheese.

Saltwater Grill: a medley of fresh pasta

Bring the whole family to Saltwater Grill, a comforting restaurant right on the water in Camana Bay. At Saltwater Grill, prepare to be captivated by the sumptuous flavours of their Shrimp Linguine. This dish encapsulates the essence of Italian cuisine with al dente linguine, succulent shrimp, garlic, white wine, arugula, chilli flakes, and cherry tomatoes. Each bite is a wonderful balance of textures and tastes. Vegetarian? Try the garden vegetable linguine with local callaloo, asparagus, peas and zucchini. It’s a fresh and savoury pasta served just as anything would be in Italy. Kids can also enjoy a true favourite of penne pasta with marinara sauce.

The White Whale: a local favourite

The White Whale is revered for its exceptional Italian food among the locals. One standout dish is the Creamy Mushroom Alfredo, a creamy culinary creation that elevates comfort food to new heights. Mixed mushrooms, sautéed red onions, and spinach are carefully enveloped in a velvety alfredo sauce, creating a warming harmony of flavours that will transport your taste buds to Italy. Add chicken, shrimp or salmon to elevate the dish even further. 

The journey to Italy is just a few steps away in the Cayman Islands. No matter your choice, you’re guaranteed a delicious Italian feast that will make your taste buds come alive! So why not take some time to enjoy the best Italian food in the Cayman Islands? Book your table now!

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